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Established in 1972 by the University president, the Ateneo de Manila University Press is an auxiliary unit of the Ateneo de Manila. It is in the overall charge of a director and operated by a full-time staff with administrative, editorial, production, marketing, and business functions, under the supervision of the vice president for Administration and Planning and the Press management board. Its use of the imprint is controlled by its editorial boards.

The Ateneo Press first made its mark producing high quality scholarly books on the Philippines in the humanities and social sciences and literary works in various Philippine languages, some of which have become classic works, and considered among the most influential in the region. It continues its tradition of publishing excellence as it expands its programs to include titles in various fields: archaeology, biography, cultural heritage, diaspora studies, governance and political change, law and society, leadership studies, Mindanao studies, science and society, theology and religious studies. The Press has also included textbooks and professional and trade books in its line-up.

For consistently keeping high standards in its choices of titles to put out, in the design and production of its books, and in the effort to bring them to public attention, the Ateneo Press was cited Publisher of the Year in the 27th National Book Awards in 2008.

The Ateneo de Manila University Press employs professional essay writers ready for various challenges. Our team of authors is very observant. However, such observation cannot be called ordinary, which is possessed by people without imagination. They see what they see. They may even notice and remember more than any person. Such a feature is very useful in their job. It is the observation that helps them overcome lack of creativity and stagnation.

But only a person with creative imagination will notice the smallest details, which can later become a symbol of a work, a distinctive feature of a character, or some other important element. Thanks to this detail, probably even quite insignificant in life, but interestingly presented in the article will make the reader remember the work.

The Ateneo de Manila University Press encourages the inner demand of the essay writing service authors. Their thirst to see and to know a lot drove many writers to other cities and countries. If ordinary people can travel or seek information out of curiosity, a sense of superiority over others, for the purpose of recreation, etc., then the writer purposefully collects material.

All of this is done to produce high-quality scholarly books, which can be an inspiration for the next generation of authors.

It endeavors to render distinguished leader's service to the book industry, while persisting to produce significant works, in order to achieve its aim of genuinely contributing to scholarhip, research and education, not only in the country, but also the region. It looks to put out titles that reflect on the Philippines in Asia and in the world, as well as serve as venue for new directions in creative work.

It offers the following professional service to authors, scholars and other scholarly publishers: (1) assistance in producing cogent and readable manuscripts that meet the standards of scholarship; (2) production of well-designed and durable books; and (3) promotion and distribution of books. Press management welcomes discussion with scholars and writers regarding their publishing projects, and offers advice on preparing manuscripts for submission, as well as information on distribution of books.

The Ateneo Press is affiliated with the Academic Booksellers Asssociation of the Philippines, Book Development Association of the Philippines, Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society, Inc., the International Association of Scholarly Publishers, the National Book Develoepment Board, the Philippine Association of Scholarly and Academic Publishers, the Society of Scholarly Publishers, and the World Association of Christian Communicators.


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